Design Consultations

At Lyn’s Draperies, we’re here to help you understand your full range of design choices – and the best way to achieve your vision for the spaces you cherish. our first step is a consultation to illuminate your unique needs and preferences. We’ll discuss important details such as:

Function. Are you looking for treatments that promote light control, privacy, softening the feel of a room? Do you wish to maintain a view? Keep trim visible?

Lifestyle factors. Do you require natural light for a workspace? Darkness for late sleepers? Do you have children or pets that might affect design choices?

Color choices. Does your home, business or boat have an existing color scheme? Are you looking for accent color? Tones that blend in?

Fabric choices. Would patterned or solid fabrics best complement your space? Do you need heavier fabrics that insulate? Breezy ones for airflow? What textures do you prefer – silky, rough, ribbed, velvety, etc?

Hardware choices. Do you prefer hardware that is decorative or functional, metal or plastic? For metal hardware, are you looking for tones of gold, silver, bronze, etc?

For skilled sewers who wish to create their own ensembles, design consultations are available!


Measurements and Specifications

Your living or work environment is unique. Perhaps the windows in your home or office deviate from standard sizes. Maybe your yacht features cushions with unusual angles. At Lyn’s Draperies, we understand that your professional measurements are vital to the success of your finished product. Accuracy is our priority.


Expert Fabrication

Superior workmanship is the hallmark of Lyn’s Draperies. Our professional fabrication services are based here in Whatcom Country – not outsourced to a factory overseas as with many larger retail drapery centers. Instead, you work with just one professional whose careful attention to detail ensures your project comes out as planned and in a timely manner.


Professional Installation

With over two decades of installation experience, it is our pleasure to personally bring your treatments to life in your home, business or boat. We will schedule an appointment that is convenient for you, then efficiently settle your draperies, bedding ensembles, or bath treatments into their intended spaces.